Hunters from around the world come to Wyoming for the best Antelope hunts in the west. With it's beautiful scenery, relaxing atmosphere, and best of all, plentiful Antelope, it will keep you coming back year after year.

Wyoming has more antelope than people and that's what you'll notice when you hunt on our 40 acre hunting ground. You will also have access to miles and miles of unspoilt and natural rolling prairie. No other hunters around, no buildings or people to keep the animals away, just large herds of antelope roaming the vast open plains.

From our 40 acre hunting ground, in Sweetwater County, 25 miles from Rawlins, you will have a wholly traditional and unique hunting experience. Completely unspoilt landscape and endless miles to hunt the abundant antelope or grouse.

No facilities so bring your own tent or trailer/RV.  Four wheel drive vehicle and GPS satellite navigation system essential. (Tents can be provided).

Antelope and grouse in abundance.

Rates: 3 days - 1 person $1800 / 2 people $2500

          5 days - 1 person $2500 / 2 people $3800

          7 days - 1 person $3200 / 2 people $4500